Interesting Information about Transtar


One of the luxury buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is Transtar express coach.  This luxury coach provides traveling services between Singapore to Malaysia. It is available at any time, so you can enjoy your travel whenever you want. The starting point is from Singapore and then ending point is Malaysia. In between that, it travels to the famous cities in Malaysia include Kula Lumpur, Genting highlands, and then one Utama.

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Transtar facilities:

Here, we discuss the various types of coach available in Transtar and then its facilities. They are as follows.

Luxury coach:

Transtar buses come with 18 seats, which offers comfortable journey to you. They provide you the best customer service and also you can get more comfortable place to sleep.

Most of you would like to go long travel. Sometimes, the long travel for example, from Singapore to Malaysia may provide some tiredness to you. But, if you travel in this Transtar bus, you will never feel tired. This bus will run so fast, so you can reach the destination point within the short period of time.

Departure time:

The bus departed in Malaysia at 6.15pm every day and you can reach within four hours to Singapore. For the customer comfort, the company provides easy ticket booking. You can book the ticket both in office and also through online.

The online ticket booking is very easy. You can book a ticket within a minute. When it comes to the cost of the ticket, it is quite expensive, but you can enjoy your travel.This service also offers double decker with air conditioning.

Is this journey comfortable?

This is the first travel coach comes with the seat belts and attached TV. These seat belts protect you from an unwanted accident and you can adjust your seat with the help of electrical controls. If you travel in this bus, you will never worry about the safety. They provide cent percent safety.