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Interesting Information about Transtar

Introduction: One of the luxury buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is Transtar express coach.  This luxury coach provides traveling services between Singapore to Malaysia. It is available at any time, so you can enjoy your travel whenever you want. The starting point is from Singapore and then ending point is Malaysia. In between that, […]

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Singapore to KL Train

Singapore to KL train is cheap with good services and fair condition. It is safe and fastest way to get the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Buying ticket is cheap in Malaysia or you can start your trip from the nearer towns in Malaysia. The pickup point for the train will be at woodlands in Singapore. […]

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Are you planned to go Singapore and Malaysia? Are you wondering to find the best bus operator in Southern Peninsula of Singapore and Malaysia? If yes, then you’re in the right place. There is several bus operators are present in all over the world. They all are providing a wonderful service to their patrons. But, […]

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Singapore to Penang Bus

If you are looking to travel from Singapore and Penang by bus then there are a number of bus companies that operate including Sri Maju group, Konsortium, billion stars express and so on. Long distance buses on this route are quite comfortable with large reclining seats and all coaches are fully air conditioned, making the […]

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Fun and Comfy Bus from Singapore to Johor

We can always have a good time in a new place. This is always becoming the main reason why people start to pick a place as a destination for their holiday. Tasting a new taste of foods and drinks and even lifestyle of a new place are such good reasons to have for. Do you […]

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Convenient Travel by Bus

What comes to mind when you hear about Plusliner? A modern and sophisticated fleet? A company that has been running for more than 10 years? A service that can connect you between cities in Malaysia? A quality service with standard exclusivity and features to pamper your traveling needs? You can find all of these features […]

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What You Want to Know About Singapore: Food

Singapore is widely acclaimed as a global capital for culinary innovation. Yes, Singapore is encompassing not only the street food and fine dining but also the new, innovative dining concepts at all price ranges. Street foods or restaurant? Even if you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy Singaporean food. The island-city offers tourists a […]

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Modern Travel Easiness

You would be surprised to find out that there are people who aren’t really familiar with the online method. These people have been getting used to the manual and traditional ways that they are completely clueless about the online implementation. They aren’t familiar with the online purchase, for instance. They don’t even know how to […]

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Taking Afternoon Road Trip Bus to Legoland from Singapore

Enjoying a holiday to play in one of the biggest theme parks in the world such as Legoland will make your holiday feels greater than you can expect. For you who love to travel with your backpack and also enjoy the road trip, you should try the happy ride from Singapore by taking the bus […]

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Easy Travel with Easybook

Traveling can be fun and hassle-free if you know the best way to manage everything in order. When you are traveling, you want everything to be effective and efficient – considering that you are on a trip and you don’t really know your way around. The existence of today’s online traveling management services is truly […]

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